Fiji Sunset


IF YOU EVEN NEEDED AN EXCUSE TO TRAVEL TO FIJI … If ever you needed an excuse to travel to Fiji this could be it – well at least when the borders reopen! The Fiji Government have recently delivered a bold, forward-thinking National budget for the 2020/21 year and the [...]

scoping trip

Scoping Trip

Scoping Trip by Anita Gatley As a Wedding Travel Specialist I am often contacted by couples who are thinking of travelling to the destination they think they want to get married in. When a couple are in the very early stages of planning a wedding sometimes a destination wedding features [...]

Overwater bunglow

Why Not Start Your Bucketlist Travel on Your Honeymoon?

WHY NOT START YOUR BUCKETLIST TRAVEL ON YOUR HONEYMOON? Until you start traveling you don’t realise the world is a big place! Being at what can sometimes seem like the ‘bottom of the world’ means that travel to places afar can often take a long time! With this in mind [...]

The Romance Lady

The Romance Lady

The Romance Lady I recently met a guy and he said “oh you’re the Romance Lady”! I was actually quite delighted to be referred to as this. Surprisingly he said he’d seen some of my u-tube reviews on different properties and the more generic one about exactly what I did [...]


NZ Weddings Raro Honeymoon Q&A

NZ Weddings Raro Honeymoon Q&A Tell us why you would recommend Rarotonga as a honeymoon destination? Only a short 4-hour flight from NZ Rarotonga is the perfect destination for a honeymoon. Rarotonga is easy to explore!  Whether you take the island bus, hire a scooter, car, pushbike or walk it [...]

Destination Wedding Case Study

Destination Wedding – A Case Study

Destination Wedding – A Case Study I met Sarah & James at a recent wedding show a few months after they had been engaged. They were both from big families and had done the sums of how expensive a wedding in Auckland was going to be. They were getting really [...]

Destination Wedding

Is a Destination Wedding Expensive?

Is a Destination Wedding Expensive? If I had a dollar every time I’d been asked this question I’d be rich! For those that have organised a wedding locally prices are readily available and there really aren’t too many variables. A destination wedding is a bit different. It is not just [...]


Free Travel Advice

Free Travel Advice If you book with a Wedding Travel Specialist you will get free, and more importantly, accurate travel advice. Over the past little while I’ve seen a few comments from couples wanting advice on how to book their airfares; in particular what name should I use and do [...]

Disneyland Parks & Resorts

Disneyland Parks & Resorts Whether you’re young or ‘young at heart’ just about everyone in the world would have it on their bucket-list to visit Disneyland. With the opening in June 2016 of Shanghai Disney Resort in China, there are now 6 Disneyland Resorts plus Disney Cruise Lines!  Of course [...]