NZ Weddings Raro Honeymoon Q&A

NZ Weddings Raro Honeymoon Q&A

Tell us why you would recommend Rarotonga as a honeymoon destination?

Only a short 4-hour flight from NZ Rarotonga is the perfect destination for a honeymoon. Rarotonga is easy to explore!  Whether you take the island bus, hire a scooter, car, pushbike or walk it is an easy place to get around. You can do as much or as little as you like. Surrounded by a beautiful ocean if you love snorkelling, watersports or fishing you be in your element.


Tell us about some must-go spots in Rarotonga for a romantic or memorable moment?

The show at Te Vara Nui is a well-produced and entertaining cultural show and the food tastes good too! Highland Paradise which operates on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights is a bit more of a traditional show but is also fun. I personally love going to the café at the Maire Nui Botanical Gardens which has the most awesome cheesecake! Nearby is the ‘Fruits of Rarotonga’ which is good for a casual lunch or coffee and is located by an awesome snorkelling spot!


Should a honeymoon be completely relaxing, or is it an ideal time to try new activities (paddle boarding, etc)?

After you’ve started to relax you might want to get out and explore. I always recommend hiring a car or scooters so you can get out and about when/if you want to. There are places to hire from when you get there but if it is a busy time of the year they may be all booked up so think about pre-booking if you can. Muri Beach lagoon is the perfect place to learn to paddle-board.


What are the best times to honeymoon in the Cook Islands if we’re on a budget?

Avoid the school holidays in order to get cheaper airfares and accommodation. Try going Feb/March or October/November – still a good-time weather-wise but a bit cheaper than the high season of our winter (although I’d be rich if I could predict the weather!!)


Are there varied accommodation options for all types of budgets in Rarotonga?

There are so many different types of accommodation and something to suit every budget from holiday homes and Villas to International resorts and everything in between. A good Wedding Travel Specialist will probably have seen most of the properties and have relationships with the resorts and can recommend something to suit


What do couples need to pack on their honeymoon? (any official documents?)

It is a good idea to take a copy of your marriage licence but not totally necessary as Rarotonga is pretty laid back. If you book with a Wedding Travel Specialist they will already have advised the suppliers that you are on your honeymoon and you will receive any honeymoon goodies you are entitled to


Tell us about the currency in Rarotonga? Can we use NZ dollars?

One of the reasons Kiwi’s love Rarotonga is that we can use the NZD dollar so know exactly what things are going to cost. Food & Beverage prices are pretty similar to what you’d pay in NZ and can even be a bit cheaper on occasion if you buy in bulk


I’ve heard we can bring in food and booze to Rarotonga, true?

Yes, rule of thumb is DECLARE IT! Customs are used to visitors bringing their own supplies in. Make sure that any meat is pre-packed and don’t bring any fruit or vegetables . Alcohol limits do apply – drinkers can take 2 litres of wine, or 4.5 litres of beer, two litres of spirits, liqueur, or other spirits beverages. There are plenty of places to buy snacks such as chips and crackers but they can be expensive so pack a few packets in your checked-in luggage; especially if you want to cater for a group. Chocolate is extremely expensive so if you can’t do without your chocolate fix take that with you in a chiller bag. Just be mindful of your luggage allowances as the airlines will sting you if you are carrying too much weight!


What is a good time-frame for a honeymoon?

Personally, I think 7-10 days is a good length of time and up to 14 if you plan on visiting Aitutaki. Remember, a wedding is an emotional time and you will be exhausted and ready for a holiday! It may take 2-3 days to actually relax and start enjoying your honeymoon. If you plan on visiting Aitutaki stay out there for a least 3 nights to get the best benefit. The weather can be changeable and having a day-trip only when the weather isn’t perfect would be a real shame as it is an idyllic place when the weather is at its best!


How does a honeymoon travel specialist help streamline this process?

As a Wedding Travel Specialist, it is my job to tailor-make a honeymoon package that suits you and your particular circumstances. One-size does not fit all!


Do couples pay extra for your service, approx. rates?

Service fees may apply if the suppliers do not compensate us. Just as you would pay for the advice of a professional such as an Accountant or an Architect; a Travel Specialist is qualified and is continually training. They are also operating a business and as such, you should expect to pay appropriately to take advantage of their skills and knowledge


Anything else you’d like to add?

Remember, you fly over the date-line and lose a day when you fly from NZ to Rarotonga and gain a day when you come the other way; make sure you book your transfers and accommodation accordingly.

Rarotonga is a small community. As Visitors, you are encouraged to dine out at other resorts restaurants rather than just staying at your resort for your entire stay. There is food to suit every palette and you could stay for a couple of weeks and dine out at a different place every night. The night food markets in Muri Beach are a popular choice for something more casual.

Sunday is a day of rest. You are most welcome to join in at a church service and buses will take you the main churches. Supermarkets are closed but restaurants are still open.

Make sure you take Travel Insurance. Whilst the local hospital will look after you for minor injuries, a serious incident could be costly and you may need to be flown home to NZ. If you hire a scooter always wear a helmet as your insurance won’t cover you if you have an accident!