Wedding Planning Fees

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Wedding Planning Fees

Below is a list of free and chargeable wedding planning options - please schedule a call with me through the link below to start the process.

  • FREE - Initial Consultation : 20 minutes zoom/in-person consultation.
    • Discuss the couple’s vision, budget and requirements and get an idea what you can expect from a Wedding Travel Specialist


  • NZD $550.00 – Provision of 2 recommended resorts, or destinations, and wedding package for those resorts
      • Includes Elopments


  • NZD $1,000.00 – All of the above but even more exclusive access and deals to Anita Gatley, Wedding Travel Specialist.
    • Includes tailor-made venue selection, vendor coordination, budget alignment and package suggestions/costs.
    • Guest Concierge services; providing assistance to wedding guests by offering travel arrangements, accommodation recommendations and group airfares
    • On-site Co-ordination (price on application)