Free Travel Advice

Free Travel Advice

If you book with a Wedding Travel Specialist you will get free, and more importantly, accurate travel advice.

Over the past little while I’ve seen a few comments from couples wanting advice on how to book their airfares; in particular what name should I use and do I need to take my marriage certificate to get upgrades or bonuses? Firstly, the name on your passport should always match the exact name on your ticket.

If you are travelling to the USA, in particular, you must have your full name including middle names on your ticket. Often too if a flight goes via a destination and then onto USA (many of the flights to Rarotonga and Fiji do this) then it is a requirement to have passport details in your booking before the ticket can be issued.

Generally, your passport will still be current in your maiden name so depending on the amount of time it has left you could always just wait until it needs renewing before you do so. I always suggest that couples take a copy of their marriage certificate in their hand luggage – I’ve never known it necessary to have the original. Let’s face it you have a look of being newly married – not to mention sparkling new wedding rings!

Your accommodation can be booked in your married name and any tour or car vouchers also. Remember too if you book with a Wedding Travel Specialist they will make sure that suppliers know you are honeymooning and will get as many upgrades and deals as they can for you – we often have direct contacts with the “right” people! There are no guarantees but we will always do our best and suppliers are happy to oblige if they can.

Your Wedding Travel Specialist will make sure you know of any visa requirements too – the last thing you want is to be turned away at the airport as you don’t have the right paperwork. So if you are wanting free & accurate advice contact us today.