Why Not Start Your Bucketlist Travel on Your Honeymoon?


Until you start traveling you don’t realise the world is a big place! Being at what can sometimes seem like the ‘bottom of the world’ means that travel to places afar can often take a long time! With this in mind it is my job as a Wedding Travel Specialist to make your trip as fun-filled, informative and as special as it can be; especially if this is your honeymoon!

This also means making your hard-earned money stretch as far as it can. Working within your budget is a skill and this is not always achieved on the first quote. Tweaking can take time and experience but usually can be done – assuming you have realistic expectations! Advertised specials always start with the cheapest (sometimes the nastiest) properties and may not be suited to your needs and wants.

Meeting your expectations is the job of a travel professional so allow them to recommend destinations, airlines, hotels and other products – they either know first-hand or have it on good authority they are recommending appropriate products. There is nothing more satisfying than a treasured client returning with stories of enjoyment about an excursion, attraction or property that you have recommended.

Remember too that you are probably likely to do a popular excursion or visit an attraction anyway but you are captive audience when you are there so chances are the price will be more than if you have pre-paid it! Often pre-paid can be open-dated so you can choose the day to do it taking advantage of weather and how you feel. For tours that must be pre-booked there is a reason for this – it is usually that they are so popular there could be several hours of waiting around and you can avoid this if you pre-book/prepay.
A ‘front of line’ ticket at Universal Studios, for example, costs more than a standard ticket but they only allow a maximum per day and you could save literally hours of waiting in queues; value-for-money if you ask me!

Everyone is different and has different things they want out of life. Hopefully, you’ve chosen a life-partner that has the same values and desires as you and this comes to travelling. Noone is suggesting that you have to like everything together but you should at least have a few things in common. There is nothing wrong with one partner wanting a bit of shopping and the other partner wanting some watersports activities but being flexible and trying out new things because that’s what your partner wants is being married. Being prepared to compromise is important and hey you might actually enjoy it!

As a Wedding Travel Specialist, I am often confronted with couples who do want to try and visit somewhere new together which made me think about bucket-list travel. Unless you had endless cash and time you probably couldn’t see everything on your list on your honeymoon! Everyone is different so everyone’s list will be different!

So, whether your bucket-list contains staying in an overwater bungalow in Tahiti or the Maldives, seeing the Northern Lights, cruising the Galapagos Islands, seeing Angkor Wat in Cambodia, watching a sunset in Santorini, visiting George Clark’s ‘Amazing houses’, swimming the Great Barrier Reef or walking Italy’s Cinque Terre – this list is endless! Allow yourself to dream that you can start ticking off this list starting with your beloved on your honeymoon. There are so many wonderful places in the world so let’s start exploring now – checkout www.weddingtravel.co.nz