Grooms and planning the ultimate honeymoon

Grooms and planning the ultimate honeymoon

As a Wedding Travel Specialist, I am in the privileged position of travelling to exotic destinations; sometimes several times, and lucky to experience things often money can’t buy and if it could it would be more than most people would buy!

On past trips I have been wined & dined not only with sales reps but often by the owners themselves of some of the most beautiful resorts in the world. Of course they want to show their resort in the most desirable position they can and I’m all for seeing it in that light – I’ll take one for the team all in the name of education!
In my discussions with these often well-travelled and interesting people it has come to my attention, and horror, that it is overwhelming the groom that books the honeymoon and it is often direct. I’ll be the first to admit that this is certainly not the market that I have traditionally targeted my marketing to and I want to change that!

I know how much you as a couple could be missing out on if you book your accommodation direct and also how much more you could be getting if you were to book a total “package”.

Having someone who can tailor-make a package to your particular requirements is what you should be looking for and there are a few of us who can do this. Recently, I did a tally of one of the destinations that I’ve travelled to regularly over the years and exactly how many properties I had been to.

I’m pleased to say that whilst I can’t profess to having been to every single property in every destination I have been to many and some several times over the years; at least enough to give you good advice. Bearing in mind that properties do change and are constantly being upgraded and room names changed it is important to keep up with the changes and I make a point of trying to do this.

So, if you are the groom and wanting to take the stress away from you Bride why not get me to do your ‘dirty work’ – get in touch now and I’ll organise it for you! Job done x