Bridal Travel Gift Registry


What is a Bridal Travel Gift Registry?

A Bridal Travel Gift Registry invites guests to donate money towards your honeymoon and travel arrangements.
This is a popular way for guests to feel their wedding contribution will enable you to have the honeymoon of a lifetime.

How does it work?

A personalised Bridal Gift Registry card is sent out with your invitations.
If guests would like to contribute, they complete the card with the value they would like to include.
Upon receipt, I provide the guest with an elegant acknowledgement card to include in the bridal wedding card. The card states they have contributed, but not the specific amount.
Two weeks prior to the wedding date, I provide you with the full amount of the Bridal Registry* for you to spend as you wish.

The Benefits of a Gift Registry?

• Enables you to have the honeymoon of your dreams
• Means your honeymoon of a lifetime is not restricted by lack of budget
• You can enjoy indulgent spa treatments, cocktails, champagne, fine wine and dining, exclusive shopping, exclusive island cruises, to extreme and adventure sports.
• Your guests feel their wedding gift to you will be enjoyed and remembered for years to come.
• Your guests experience great satisfaction through contributing a valued and appreciated gift.
• You experience all the wonderful added luxury and freedom to create your exceptional honeymoon.

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*An administration fee applies & fees may apply for credit card contributions